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Dairy Products

Producers of fresh cheese

At Lebo, we make our own cream cheese from fresh milk. To produce it, we use our own dairy produce created via the Duurzame Weidezuivel (Sustainable Pasture Dairy) programme. The fresh milk is immediately processed into cream cheese which is sold in a variety of flavours and packs. This ensures the utmost quality and maximum freshness. Lebo Kaas produces cheese for the consumer, food-service and industrial markets.

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Cheese and dairy solutions

Kasi Food provides a wide range of cheese and dairy solutions. We process cheese into cheese products which are sold with a huge variety of properties and in many different packs. Kasi Food also produces EMC, herb butter and various cheese specialities and has developed certified technology that enables separate automatic coating/packaging of the cheese. This enables upgrading of residual cheese.

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Delicious and pure dairy produce

At De Zuivelmakers, our team of skilled professionals and in-house regional dairy farmers produce the most delicious and fresh dairy products with the greatest of pleasure. We use our traditional craftsmanship to create yoghurt, curds and puddings. Together with our cattle breeders, De Zuivelmakers works towards sustainable pasture dairy in order to give full attention to products, people, animals and nature.

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Dairy Equipment

Dairy & Food Equipment

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment specialises in custom-made projects for the dairy processing and packaging industry. The company restores, trades and installs machinery. Our wealth of in-house expertise and resources enables us to provide high-quality machinery for competitive prices with short lead times.

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Worldwide trading

UsedDairyEquipment.com specialises in online sale of dairy machinery and equipment. The machines can be brought back into production without the need for restoration. With the right know-how, service and network, UsedDairyEquipment.com can satisfy the needs of clients throughout the world.

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